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I'm Tracy Davison.

Teaching, creating meaningful connections, and helping others succeed.


Those are the things that fill my cup! 

I live in Hendersonville, Tennessee about 20 minutes from downtown Nashville. I own a company that helps business owners grow and in my free time, I spend it with my boo, friends, and my mom. 

I believe in the power of PEOPLE, especially those who've overcome and pushed through tough times and created their own success. 

That's my story.  I'd love to hear yours and what you need to grow your business.

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A little about me...

Network in Action Nashville is my business. I love it because we bring great business people together to share ideas on improving their individual successes. You know the old saying; "Iron sharpens iron," so sharp business people meeting together sharpens each other! (And we have lots of fun together!)


Before NIA, I was a high school Spanish teacher, a school principal, and later on, a superintendent of schools.  This is where I learned the valuable skill of networking to improve communications and processes in order to achieve higher levels of success. Believe me - I had a LOT to learn!


It is exciting to build Network in Action groups that help business owners do better what they already do best! 

We are a business growth community of peers who are committed to our own success and learning, but also to the success of everyone in each group. It's like growing your own personal sales force!

"Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people." 

~ Earl Nightingale

About Network in Action Nashville...

Our meetings include a coaching or training segment, a Member Spotlight, a fun exercise to get to know each other better, and a mastermind component.  Members can be interviewed on podcasts, lead or sponsor a workshop, get help with social media, and more. 

Business topics include goal setting and goal achievement, using LinkedIn to reach more clients, understanding the numbers in your business, sales training, understanding your financials, online reviews, customer service strategies, and franchise opportunities, to name a few. 

I'd love to learn about your business! Click below or call / text me directly at (315) 212-8187.

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