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My favorite things...

goal setting and achievement

90 day planner
This helps me to be more intentional and productive! 
4 - 90 day planners
Love a deal like me? Buy a whole year's worth at once.. Save about $ helps! 
Get more done
PURR-fect for overwhelmed, time-starved go-getters. Work smarter; not harder!
Do ANY-thing!
I love the habit scorecard.  It helps me SEE my progress, which is motivating!  

personal leadership must have's

Your personality...
Build upon your strengths. Improve relationships, reduce stress, get results. BUY here $12.95
Do what you love...
Want a tool to help shape your or your team's mission and do what you love? BAM!
Know your top 5?
Strengths, that is! Build upon what you've already got going for you and in others.
A quick read!
I read it on a 3 hour flight. Take a quick assessment to find out your EQ. It may rattle you a little!

John Maxwell leadership and personal development

1. Law of the Lid
 We all have a leadership lid to lift. Others get better when leaders get better. 
2. Get better
Create a plan for personal growth and get out of your comfort zone.
3. Lead better!
10 action steps to uplevel your leadership, increase your influence and impact.
4. High quality Q's 
Such to have difficult conversations and how to handle underperformers

more intense leadership development

1. Why lead? 
Too many people get into leadership who have no business doing so. ​
2. No trust = no biz.
Step 1: build a cohesive leadership team that builds trust authentically.
3. Been there?
An excellent choice to tee up a deep dive into The Advantage.​
4. Hiring right
Hiring the wrong people can be painful, costly, and damage company reviews. 

entrepreneur tools 

Your message = $
Dream of sharing your expertise, but doubt yourself? BUY THIS!
Messaging matters
"I sell houses." Well so does Zillow. You've got to stand out among all the noise. Start here!
 Design anything
I LOVE Canva to create social media posts!  I recommend the Pro Version. 
Coolest tool ever!
I paid around $21 for bendable phone holder and it helps when on video calls and need to take notes...
or make dinner! 
Free 30 day trial
Get your free audiobook.
Tip: get any of the above titles here.
Want a biz partner?
Think about a biz partnership.
Start here!
Having a pro virtual background is easy!
Want to create a pro-background? Get a green screen kit! 
Lighting matters!
I love my tall ring light! 
**As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a very small commission on qualified VERY small.
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