How often are you in front of 100+ of your ideal clients?

Hi, I'm Tracy. 

I help your ideal clients find your next online live event.

You just show up and present. I'll take care of the rest! 

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First Things First:

Create a LinkedIn® profile.

Create a business page.

Know what you're selling.

Time to grow!

I have everything in #1. 

I need help attracting my ideal clients on LinkedIn®.

Time to scale! 

I have a well-oiled machine for leads, I'm closing clients, but I could use some help! 

What people are saying

You bring the content. We bring the people.


"I love the way Tracy challenges each of us to take control of ourselves and shape our future. The ability to form new bonds with many women across the U.S. is truly amazing."


~Debbi Valentine Barber

KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. 

VP of Managed Care Contracting and Payor Relations

Syracuse, NY